Profession: Professor of International and Commercial Law, Barrister

Membership of Professional Societies: General Council of the Bar in England and Wales

Life member of the Indian Law Institute


Membership of Editorial Boards: Journal of International Banking Legislation (since 2004)

General Editor Lloyd’s Arbitration Reports (1988-1992)

Peer Reviewer of the Commonwealth Law Bulletin

(since 2009)

General Editor Journal of Diplomacy, Business and Development (2014 – )


Voluntary Work:Lay Member, School Admission and Exclusion Appeals Panels (for over 10 years)




Dr Charles Chatterjee who studied law at the University of Cambridge and the University of London held a professorial position in international commercial and criminal law. He is an Associate Research Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London. He is the Director of the Centre for Energy Law and Management at a university in England and Visiting Academic at University of Warwick. He was also the Director of an American University in London for a considerable period of time.

Dr Chatterjee is also a Barrister in England and Wales and has been practising law sinceJanuary 1994. The principal areas of his practice have been: commercial law, includingbanking, trade, shipping, insurance and insolvency; matrimonial, immigration, professionalnegligence. He also possesses experience in mediation.

Dr Chatterjee was also involved in development of academic programmes, financial management, marketing of the programmes, public relations with other universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations, staff and research development and other issues relating to an appropriate management and operation of a university.


He frequently worked as a legal consultant with the World Health Organization and the International Labour Office. The World Health Organization appointed Dr Chatterjee as a Rapporteur several times to develop scientific papers on issues such as family health care, aid and prevention of drug abuse. He was also a legal consultant to the Commonwealth Secretariat for a considerable period of time. He also advises various governments on legal issues and provides training to government officials.

Dr Chatterjee has published extensively in the form of books and articles in reputable refereed journals on various aspects of public international law, international economic law, energy law, international commercial law, including banking, trade, investment, international commercial arbitration as well as health and criminal law. He taught a number of subjects exclusively on LL.M programs for over 20 years. He has also successfully supervised a considerable number of Ph.D theses at various British universities. His main areas of expertise are: banking including capital markets, international institutions, public international law, international economic law, law of international trade, e-commerce, international development law, employment law, law of international business transactions, law of international investment, international commercial arbitration, negotiating techniques in commercial contracts, corporate governance, corporate finance and international finance.

He has been invited by many organisations to present scientific papers. Dr Chatterjee has also participated as an arbitrator under the ICC Rules of Conciliation and Arbitration.

Dr Chatterjee has considerable experience in negotiating commercial contracts, including contracts pertaining to transfer of technology, international loans and international trade. He has been invited by many organisations to present scientific papers.

Dr Chatterjee is not only familiar with the basic commercial and investment law of African and Asian countries but also the legal environment in those countries. He is conversant with trade, banking and intellectual property regulations at both national and international levels. Dr Chatterjee has considerable experience in providing training to the legal profession including Ministries of Justice for capacity-building in regard to the general issues relating to business law, international institutional law, economic law, banking and corporate governance, intellectual property law and turn-key contracts.

He often advises various governments on legal issues and provides training to government officials for capacity building in the areas of commercial law, the law of taxation, banking including anti-money laundering legislation and banking supervision and peace building through justice. He also provided training to the judiciary in Sudan for three consecutive years since 2008.

Dr Chatterjee has wide-ranging experience in developing programmes in both Business Studies and Law. He possesses special expertise in negotiating academic programmes with universities and professional bodies. In addition to his very close familiarity with the US system of education, Dr Chatterjee has a very extensive experience in the public and private sectors of education in the UK including the accreditation procedures by statutory and regulatory bodies. He is also familiar with the system of validating degrees by UK universities.